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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Celio Cheap Tee Shirt (25 July - 31 July)

Up to 70% OFF Selected Celio Tee-Shirts @ Celio Malaysia Pavilion KLfor only RM39 instead of RM129! Visit to grab the deal today!

Check out this Thai comedy here
These girls need your votes to live their dreams! Help them here~
Think you have a good memory? Try this game…
Join Captain America in slurping down a Super Soldier Shake.
Thank you all for making Malaysia a better place!
iPhone, Blackberry, LG or Nokia… pick your Smartphone!
Support our LOCAL band See how great are they!!
Eason fans,here your chance to grab his Cheap ticket !
Do you know what is Paramotor? Its parachuting with a propeller, join in!
Pronton Inspira promotion is HERE
Online Game by 100PLUS, check it out!


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