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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Ochado Malaysia Grand Opening Second Week Promotion (8 August - 12 August)

Craving for more? Here it comes!
Get the second drink with 30% discount to satisfied your taste buds!

Ochado outlet nationwide

Promotion Period:
8 August - 12 August 2011
2pm - 6pm

MAS Matta Fair Deal! Find out Here
Do you think you can be the Transporter for Jojo Struys? Try your luck!
Know someone planning to buy a car? Show them this.
Beautiful girls, beautiful sceneries and then the danger begins…
Eliminate jerks, shocks and jolts for daily driving. see HOW?
I’m the King of the Streets! Challenge me if you can!
Battle Of The Sexes has arrived in Penang and KL! Let's GO!


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