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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Street Market Fair Clearance Sales (April)

Clearance Sales (Open for Registration)

Kiosk to rent every Saturday and Sunday (RM180/month)

Items can sell: fashion clothes, female accessories, toys, make up tools, hair care, car accessories, hand made gift, foods, contact lenses, stationery, and others.
Area: Ara Damansara (Neaby subang old airport, nearby kelana jaya)
Environment: (inside boulevard building) Indoor + open air

Start on: 1st April 2012
Business Time: 10am-10pm
For more info, please email to or call 017-2320255 (Dylan)

Ara Damansara
Niu Ze Xui

Promotion Period:
Every Saturday and Sunday throughout April
10am - 10pm


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