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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Kinderdijk Toys Warehouse Sales (5 August - 7 August)

Offer: Discount up to 70% on
Fisher-Price toys, Barbie,
HotWheels, Baby apparels and more!

11,Jalan Persiaran KIP 1,
Taman Perindustrian KIP,

Promotion Period:
5 August - 7 August 2011

Have you watched Captain America? Try their hero ice-cream, Super Soldier Swirl
These girls need your votes to live their dreams! Help them here~
Battle of the sexes, lelaki atau perempuan, siapa Raja Chat?
What's that song in this video?
Consider this before you buy your next car.
Kau 'Hang" apa? Hang Hip Hop, Hang Sepak, Hang Nyanyi, Hang Shopping? Find out here
Support our Local Band
Check out this Thai comedy here
Think you have a good memory? Try this game…
Thank you all for making Malaysia a better place!
Eason fans,here your chance to grab his Cheap ticket !
Pronton Inspira promotion is HERE


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