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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Loreal, Garnier & Maybelline Stock Clearance (14 September - 18 September)

Products including haircare, skincare, body care and cosmetics!

Hotel Sri Petaling

Promotion Period:
14 September - 18 September 2011

Which do Malaysians like more, Nasi Lemak VS Roti Canai
This year Guinness Arthur's Day with Taio Cruz! How do I get tickets for this?
You'll be surprised what household items emits UV Rays
Think you are good in investments and business? Prove it! Try this game! Have fun ;)
Stimulating online Mystery Hunt game
Which do you Like: A Holiday, Luxury Handbag, or a full course French dinner?
F&N's Big Fun Fest is BACK!! Don't Miss out the fun here!
Tune Talk | We Hired Our Fans!


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