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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Super Sleek GPS Fair (9 September - 11 September)

Never get lost and stuck in the jam anymore! Explore the latest GPS technologies and explore more fabulous promotions!

Simply purchase anything in Digital Mall RM200 and above you stand a chance to grab Samsung Galaxy S II for FREE!!!! And many more wonderful prizes awaits you!

Special promotion exclusively for dmCard members only! FREE GPS device upgrade & map update & trade-in your old GPS device & enjoy special savings on a new purchase! Apply now and we are ready to surprise you with tons of special offers!

Are you a Jungle Trekker? Motorbike Road Trip Lover? Fisherman or Marathon runner? We have all-round GPS products for your lifestyle needs with the even lower price!

In conjunction with the auspicious mid-autumn festival, treat yourself to our special mooncakes when you shop at any outlets in DM.

Tons of IT products ready for bid! You name it, we sell it! All in lower price ever!

Click on the image or HERE for more info~

Digital Mall, Petaling Jaya

Promotion Period:
9 September - 11 September 2011

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